Mohammed Riyaz,
Managing Partner

ISO 14001:2004 9001:2008 Certified Company

Where ever you may be in India the ultimate solution provider for all your electronic waste recycling requirements.

Electronic Waste abbreviated as 'e-waste' comprises of wastes generated from used electronic devices and house hold applicances which are not fit for their original intened use. Computers, televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, fax machines, electronic lamps, cell phones, audio equipments and batteries are all examples of e-waste. Many of these products are being reused, refurbished, or recycled by both formal and informal units across the country.

Why you have to approach authorized recycler for all e-waste recycling solutions?

Most of the e-waste contains certain components which are highly toxic, such as chlorinated and brominated substances, toxic metals, biologically activate materials, acids, plastics and plastic additives. These toxic substances which are generated during the dismantling and recovery will pose environmental hazards if they are not disposed off safely.

Know Us

e-Scrappy has a history of last 10 years in waste recycling and know for the there specialization in precious metal extraction. Eco friendly policy Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is our Strategy.

The clean environment and protect the natural resources for our future generation.

A cluster of recyclers joined together to this revolutionary saga of saving environment in bengaluru formed a company called e-Scrappy Recyclers which has got the formal authorized from KSPCB.

The growth of e-waste has significant economic and social impacts. The increase of electrical and electronic products, consumption rates and higher obsolescence rate leads to higher generation of e-waste.



  To conserve the nature with technical diversity through action based on research, education and public awareness by leading the recycling revolution transforming e-waste as a potential commodity and part of the mainstream of the society in contributing to the nature.

  To lead the recycling revolution be adopting the expertise technology and to strive to get to the inner worth of e-waste as a potential commodity and part of the mainstream of the society in contributing to the nature.


Promoting e-waste awareness among the generators of e-waste and the general public.

To initiate a mega revolution by a humble start to conserve the nature for future generations.

Strengthening capacities of technical expertisation in the process of Reduce and Recycle.

Considerate the major environmental issues facing world today and developing inventive solutions.

Our workforce caters to preserve the natural resources with total solution for e waste management and recycling services throughout India.

We are authorized and licensed by Karnataka State Pollution Control Boards for Collections, Segregation, Dismantling and Disposal all type of e-waste.